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With Markelle Fultz Trade Official, Sixers Fans Launch "RT Armageddon"

The day of Twitter reckoning, when Sixers fans would retweet everyone who ever doubted The Process, arrived on Monday.
David Roth
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VICE Sports Investigates: The Alonzo Mourning Acceptance GIF

In one of the best GIFs ever made, Alonzo Mourning goes from anger to bemused understanding. We found its origins, which is a very bad basketball game.
David Roth
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Meet @TitanicHoops, The Twitter Account That Marries Buzzer Beaters And Celine Dion

Have you ever wondered if dramatic basketball moments would be elevated by the sweet sounds of a wailing Celine Dion? One hero is dedicated to finding out.
David Roth
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Who Impersonates A NBA Reporter On Twitter Before The Trade Deadline?

The days before the NBA trade deadline are a time of speculation and sources and "sources." It is also the moment when basketball Twitter's weirdest trolls shine.
David Roth
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Let's Work Together To Find The Best Alternate Term For 'Home Run'

Yes, "homers" is easy. Yes, "dingers" and "taters" both have their proponents. But in these uncertain times, we need to agree on an alternate term for the longball.
David Roth
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When Nick Young The Basketball Player Met Nick Young The Meme

Nick Young's WTF face is one of the NBA's greatest online memes. In a beautiful moment before a recent Lakers game, that meme crossed over into real life.
David Roth
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On Being Blocked By Donald Trump On Twitter, And Disbelief

It was one thing to be blocked by Donald Trump when he was just another man making fart-noises on Twitter. It feels a little different today. Everything does.
David Roth
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Leaks, Agendas, And Old-Fashioned Gossip: Inside Baseball's Internet Trade Rumor Economy has become the unofficial official clearinghouse for news about trades that should, will, or could happen. It's not as simple as it sounds.
Rick Paulas

#NastyNate, the Yankees, and What's Not in a Nickname

In the midst of a dreary and dull season, a failed attempt to create a viral nickname for Nate Eovaldi is the least of the New York Yankees' problems. But it's telling.
Steven Goldman
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Performance, Anxiety, and the Brocial Compact: David Roth's Weak in Review

It was pretty dumb of D'Angelo Russell to secretly record Nick Young's love-in-the-club confessions. Everything that's come after has somehow been even dumber.
David Roth