Theo Cottle


Bad Guys Doing Good Deeds

Just because a man has a face tattoo doesn't mean he's a nasty bastard.


Fashion: Balancing Ten Burgers on Your Head Is a Lot Easier Than You'd Think

Same goes for an assortment of vegetables and a glass bowl of ice cream.


Deep-Fried Fashion

These models are really, really into chicken.


Friday Night in London's Shittiest Tourist Trap

We sent Theo Cottle to Leicester Square—London's prime destination for fans of cheap souvenirs and overpriced steak restaurants—to drink cheap booze and point his camera at strangers.


Singer Tinashe Imagines Her British Adolescence

Noisey spoke to the R&B singer about teenage rebellion; VICE took the photos.


I Worshipped Nature with England's Dancing Druids

They celebrated the summer by jumping over a fire and getting naked in a field.


Berlin Is a Paradise

Take some time out from whatever your tedious job is and visit Berlin, where people like to give the finger to innocent dead birds. Seriously, we think it would make for a delightful vacation.


Bristol Is a Paradise - Part 2

We've witnessed the paradisiacal splendor of Bristol before, but nobody's put a number on the amount of times you can look at photos of people covered in their own sick and blood, have they?


Bangkok Is a Paradise

Theo sent us some pictures from his recent trip to Bangkok, and I think I can safely say these are the grimiest of the lot. Or the most paradisiacal, if you're deranged. To each his own, I guess.