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College Students Aren't Always Given Medical Privacy

What you say in therapy can get passed to parents, college administrators, and even job prospects.
Matt Jancer

This Is How Therapists Deal When Patients Kill Themselves

Why do we treat personal and professional grief differently, and how can we support professionals who experience traumatic losses?
Lucy Maddox
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What to Expect From Your First Therapy Appointment

A first-timer’s guide to preparing for psychotherapy.
Cindy Kuzma

Lots of People Struggle With Side Effects From This Common Type of Therapy

More than 40 percent of side effects were rated as severe or very severe, and more than 25 percent lasted for weeks or months.
Christian Jarrett
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Therapists are using VR headsets to cure phobias

They aim to cure phobias and addictions by creating immersive experiences designed to expose a patient to "safe space" situations that normally cause anxiety in the real world.
Dexter Thomas
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How to Tell if a Kid Actually Needs to See a Therapist

Dragging a reluctant child to therapy just because someone died, you've moved, or you're splitting up can backfire.
Cindy Kuzma
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How to Know If You Need Therapy

The signs you should call for backup aren't always easy to spot.
Cindy Kuzma

How I Found the Strength to End My Relationship with an Abusive Girlfriend

It involved talking to a cushion and beating the shit out of an ironing board in a sweaty basement with a chubby guy in his underpants.
Conor Creighton

Too Many British Mental Health Professionals Don't Understand Gender and Sexuality

It's hard to seek guidance for your questions about sexuality or polyamory or kink or gender if your therapist doesn't understand any of it themselves.
Frankie Mullin
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Colorado-Based Therapist Steve Garufi Treats Drug Addicts with Bicycles and Jesus

We spoke to Steve Garufi about bicycling across America and using Christianity and exercise to treat addicts suffering from addiction.
Sophie Saint Thomas