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Boris Johnson Is So Unpopular Right Now His Own Brother Just Quit

"In recent weeks, I’ve been torn between family loyalty and the national interest — it’s an unresolvable tension," Jo Johnson said.


Boris Johnson Helped Create the Brexit Mess. Now it's His Job to Clean It Up.

The former mayor of London has long wanted to be prime minister. Now the top job is his, and so is the Brexit dumpster fire.


The Brexit Dumpster Fire Has Killed Every Major EU Secessionist Movement

“A lot of people think that if a country like the U.K. can’t make it work, then they won’t be able to either.”


UK Ambassador Resigns Over Leaked Memos Calling Trump "Incompetent"

Trump, not one to let slights go, called Sir Kim Darroch "a very stupid guy" and threatened not to work with him any more.


Let's Check In On Trump's Feud with “Extraordinary” Ally U.K., Shall We?

“Friends speak frankly, so I will,” British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt tweeted at Trump Tuesday.


Trump's Thin Skin Is Going to Cause (Another) Diplomatic Crisis

The U.K. ambassador called the White House "inept," "insecure," and "incompetent," and Trump's taking that about as well as you'd expect.


Trump Is Confused by the Huge Crowds "Cheering" Him in London

Protestors flooded the streets during the president's visit to the U.K., but he saw things differently.


Trump Managed to Annoy a Lot of Brits Before He Even Landed in London

The president was greeted by protesters and promises of a giant baby balloon.


The Brexit Mistakes That Led to Prime Minister Theresa May's Resignation

After almost three years, British voters finally saw some action: Prime Minister Theresa May resigned.


U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May Just Announced She's Resigning

After two years and three failed attempts at Brexit deal, it's over.


Brexit has been an utter disaster. Just ask these Brits.

"It's been shambolic," one person said.