Stream of the Crop: 11 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

New albums from Troye Sivan, Anna Calvi, and SahBabii top this week's list.


A Weekend at Heavy Metal Summer Camp Reminded Us Why We Love Riffs So Much

The bands, the friends, the venue, the city, and even the free bottled water—Migration Fest was the summer weekend of our collective hesher dreams.


No Boneheads, No Ass-Kissers, No Nazis: It's Time For Heavy Metal Summer Camp

Getting hella stoked about Pittsburgh's Migration Festival and new tunes from Backwoods Payback, Deadbird, Inexorum, Daeva, and more.


Introducing 'To Hell And Back,' Noisey's New Underground Metal Column

This week, Noisey metal editor and lifelong hesher Kim Kelly digs into new tunes from Thou, Resistant Culture, Blood Sacrifice, and more.


When Metal Festivals Get Political, It Feels Like Utopia

This year's edition of beloved Dutch metal fest Roadburn was about something bigger than music, which only added to its magic.


Get in the Van with Thou for Their Goofy New Tour Documentary

Relive the magic of the best (and goofiest) extreme metal lineup of 2017 thanks to the video magic of Thou bassist Mitch Wells.


Watch Thou and Kristina Esfandiari Decimate Brooklyn with this Chilling Nirvana Cover

The King Woman/Miserable vocalist shone on "Something in the Way" at Saint Vitus Bar, where the Baton Rouge doom outfit also debuted a handful of new songs (!!!!).


Scenes from Migration Fest 2016, the Nicest Extreme Metal Fest in America

Photographer David Burke captured incredible performances from Thou, Panopticon, Krallice, Mournful Congregation, and many more.


Migration Fest 2016 Highlighted the Best of the Underground and the Ties That Bind Us Together

Migration Fest 2016 was a feast for the senses, a patch-vested Pacific Northwestern Roadburn cut down to scale and ignited by passion.


Sweat, Snarls, and Kurt Cobain Wigs: Photos from Volume 4 of Arizona's Southwest Terror Fest

Get an eyeful of Matt Pike communing with the riff, Graves at Sea raising hell, and Thou channeling Nirvana in a basement.


Death in the Desert: Dropdead, Sleep, and Bongripper Decimated Arizona

Thou, The Body, Landmine Marathon, Gatecreeper, and a host of others raged and roared at Tucson's Southwest Terror Fest Volume 4.


Thou is Coming to NYC This Week, So Listen to "Eyehatethou," Their New Single for Adult Swim

Catch the doom tyrants at Saint Vitus on Friday night, or at ABC No Rio on Saturday afternoon!