Teen Who Snapchatted 'Time to Blow Up the Plane' Before Flying to Guatemala Just Got Arrested

His chats were complete with bomb emojis and smiley faces.


I Was on a Plane and the Pilot Announced There Was a Bomb on It

“Mom, are we going to be ok? Are we going to reach Changi?"


All Charlottesville schools closed after violent and racist threat on 4Chan

“We’re still trying to determine if the threat is credible,” a Charlottesville police spokesman told VICE News.


Trump's wall could cause the extinction of the American jaguar

Trump's border wall could threaten as many as 111 endangered species, especially the jaguar. 


A Lawyer Explains What Kind of Trouble You Can Get in for Joking About Shooting Clinton or Trump

When does a Facebook rant or a slogan at a rally turn into a crime?


Islamic State supporter killed by Canadian police after suspected suicide attack plot

Various media reported that 23-year-old Aaron Driver was killed inside a home in Strathroy, Ontario. Driver made headlines after he was arrested last summer and subsequently released on a peace bond over fears he would engage in terrorism.


Someone Mailed Trump's Son a Threat and an Envelope Full of White Powder

The threat comes the same day that Anonymous released what the hacktivist group claims is Donald Trump's Social Security number.


Crime and Punishment in Pakistan (Extra Scene From 'The Kohistan Story: Killing for Honor')

In this extra scene, VICE News travels to Karachi, Pakistan, to meet a prominent human rights activist and lawyer who explains how legal loopholes help perpetrators of honor-related crimes escape justice.


The Kohistan Story: Killing for Honor

VICE News travels to Pakistan to investigate the truth behind one of the country's most perplexing so-called honor killing cases.


Kohistan Honor Killings (Trailer)

VICE News travels to Pakistan where one man is struggling to seek justice for the deaths of eight innocent men and women who were killed in the name of honor, after a cellphone video recording them socializing in the conservative region of Kohistan.


Read the Email That Shut Down LA's Public Schools

"Something big is going down," warned the anonymous hoaxer in the message that led the Los Angeles Unified School District to cancel classes on Tuesday.