Three One G


Bearded Italian Noise Duo Zeus! Will Turn Your Brain Cells into Soup

Check out this nine-minute onslaught of fuzzy bass and ludicrous drumming.


Silent Are Making Some Goddamn Angry Noise

The band's new album 'A Century of Abuse' puts a Mexicali punk spin on classic postpunk.


Scramble Your Brain's Circuits with Hot Nerds' 'Generic Plans for a New Blunder' EP

The three-piece featuring members of Some Girls and All Leather delivers the disorienting spazz-rock we've come to love from Three. One. G.


All Music Should Be as Weird as Hot Nerds' 'Room One Flatulator'

The band's spastic, demented, synth-heavy sound encapsulates all the insanity that is 2015.


Listen to the Remastered Reissue of Head Wound City's 'Street College'

The band is a supergroup with two members of the Blood Brothers, two members of the Locust, and Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


WARSAWWASRAW's Debut LP Will Fuck You All Kinds of Up

Let the French two-piece blastbeat their way into your heart.


Smoke Meth with Tarantulas in All Leather's New Video

The Justin Pearson-fronted band is here to annoy you.


Narrows and Retox Cover the Hardcore Spectrum on Their Split Seven-Inch

Fast, spastic assaults and slow, guttural burners.


Doomsday Student Have a New Video That Will Ruin Tennis for You Forever

You'll never watch the US Open again.