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The Quest to Pin the 90s Murder of a CIA Agent on the KGB

Twenty-five years ago, an American spy in Georgia was killed, supposedly by a drunken villager. Michael Pullara didn't buy that.
Alex Norcia

The 11 Best Thrillers on Netflix Will Take Years Off Your Life

Quicken your pulse with our expert selection of the best crime stories, capers, and psychological conundrums Netflix has to offer.
Emerson Rosenthal
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Trump Will Hate This Movie About Jason Statham Fighting a Big-Ass Shark

Jason Statham is big, but this shark is bigger.
Drew Schwartz
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Steven Soderbergh Explains Why He Shot His New Thriller 'Unsane' on an iPhone

We talked with the director about stalking, surveillance, and his love for GIFs on 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast.'
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'Super Dark Times' Is Fall's Most Beautiful Teen Thriller

We talked to director Kevin Phillips about his gorgeous, chilling, and altogether murderous debut feature.
Emerson Rosenthal
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Watch the Trailer for 'The Lobster' Director's Chilling New Revenge Film

Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman star in Yorgos Lanthimos's thriller about a surgeon whose family suffers a mysterious paralysis curse.
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Check Out the Sinister Trailer for Darren Aronofsky's 'mother!'

Jennifer Lawrence's character finds herself living in a creepy nightmare in the director's latest psychological thriller.
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The New ‘It’ Trailer Gives Us a Good Look at Pennywise, and He’s Scary as Hell

The nightmare clown from Stephen King's classic horror novel returns to theaters September 8.
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Taraji P. Henson Is a Wig-Wearing Assassin in the 'Proud Mary' Trailer

The movie hits theaters this January.
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Watch the Trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Creepy New Monster Movie

'The Shape of Water' chronicles an intimate connection between a janitor at a government lab and an aquatic alien held captive there.
Drew Schwartz

Neill Blomkamp’s Latest Short Film ‘Zygote’ Is Pure Biological Horror

The latest release from Oats Studios stars Dakota Fanning and takes place in a gritty, dangerous futuristic mining outpost.
Carl Franzen
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How Worried Should You Be About a Real Life ‘Geostorm?’

The new Gerard Butler movie turns geoengineering into a weapon that wreaks global havoc on the scale of 'The Day After Tomorrow.'
Carl Franzen