Musicians Demand Ticketmaster Ban Facial Recognition at Concerts

Tom Morello, Speedy Ortiz, and other major acts are calling on concert promoters to end their use of face recognition before it becomes widespread.
Janus Rose
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That Live Nation-Ticketmaster Merger Looks as Shady as Everyone Suspected

The Department of Justice is reportedly investigating Live Nation for antitrust violations which, yeah, everyone basically figured would be the case.
Alex Robert Ross

Artists Are Trying to Crack Down on Ticket Scalping, But Will It Change Anything?

Everyone from The Tragically Hip to Chance The Rapper are developing new ways to combat scalping and price gouging, seemingly to little effect.
Adam Feibel
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Here Are Some Life Tips and Tricks for Your Next Concert Experience

Pro tip: Be tall.
Noisey Staff
The Real Ticket Master

The Man Who Broke Ticketmaster

The most infamous ticket scalper of all time used bots to buy millions of tickets. Now he wants to stop them.
Jason Koebler
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There's a High Likelihood Ticketmaster Just Gave You Free Tickets

Free tickets can be used at events and venues determined at Live Nation's discretion.
Britt Julious

How New Scalping Technology Is Keeping You Out of Concerts

Increasingly sophisticated technology and a rigged system is making buying tickets to shows even more awful.
Will Caiger-Smith

Why Copa America's High Ticket Prices Are Leaving Some Stadiums Empty

Get in the door for $50, get decent seats for well over $100, no matter who is playing.
Aaron Gordon
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Screwing Over Sports Ticket Buyers? There's An App For That

The Minnesota Timberwolves recently joined the New York Yankees in requiring a phone app ticket system that puts a price floor on resales. Fans have responded with a lawsuit. If this is the future, who actually benefits?
Neil deMause
Deep Ass Questions

Is There Any Way to Stop Scalpers From Selling $5,000 Concert Tickets?

Ontario government may have just made it easier for ticket scalpers to rip us off.
Adam Feibel

You Can Buy 'Star Wars' Tickets Now, or You Can Just Buy Them Later

Breathe, folks.
Jason Koebler

The Lawsuit to End Ticketmaster's Monopoly on the Golden State Warriors

Ticketmaster and the Warriors have eliminated competition in the secondary ticket market and StubHub is suing to change that.
Jack Moore