An Oral History of the CDC Putting Ticks on a Muffin

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s infamous poppy seed muffin tweet.


How to Avoid the Disease-Carrying Insects That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

The number of reported illnesses from mosquito, tick, and flea bites has more than tripled since 2004.


Eating Meat Might Kill Me

I keep eating meat because the danger has heightened the pleasure factor, like bareback sex, mainlining heroin, base jumping, or motorcycling sans helmet even though it might kill me.


We went hunting for a tick that could kill you

Ticks are usually associated with Lyme disease, but Powassan virus is deadly and our lack of knowledge about it is pretty scary.


The Bizarre Chain of Events That Led to an Unusual Number of Ticks This Summer

Ticks can carry Lyme disease and other pathogens, so be extra cautious.


If You Think You Have Chronic Lyme Disease, Most Doctors Say You're Wrong

The majority of doctors and medical groups say there's no proof "chronic" Lyme disease is real, and they charge that the so-called "Lyme literate" doctors who diagnose and treat it are con-artists and quacks.


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The Punk Animals Have Annoying 'Habits' in This Week's Comic

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Moose Are Dying in Horrible Ways Due to Climate Change

Warmer weather is taking its toll on moose, which are dying at an alarming rate.


Fuck Ticks



Eating Meat Might Kill Me

Most people wouldn't consider my job as a food writer to be dangerous, but I recently learned that I might be fatally allergic to meat. I won't know for sure until August, but until then, I'll take my chances.


The Confusing, Controversial World of Lyme Disease

Lyme is tricky to diagnose and the symptoms can linger for months or years even after treatment, and doctors disagree with each other and activists on the basic facts of the disease. That makes it hard on those who have it.