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No, Tilapia Is Not a Mutant, Boneless, Toxic Fish, Despite What the Internet Says

Please stop falling for that crazy graphic of tilapia “facts” that is making its way around the internet.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Cook a 'Dead Set on Life' Feast to Celebrate the Launch of Season 3

Here are five of our favorite recipes from Matty Matheson's series; make them for a taste of what's to come in season three.
Munchies Staff

Restaurant Fined $120K for Trying to Pass Off Tilapia as Fancy Fish

Restitution will be made in that lowliest of currencies: the gift certificate.
Nick Rose
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Make Matty Matheson's Crispy Whole Fish from 'Dead Set on Life'

"I eat the bones, the head, the tail. The tail is the best," says Master Rang as Matty fries up the tilapia. "If you know how to do it the right way, everything you put in your mouth will melt. Crispy."
Munchies Staff

Whole Foods Is Going to Stop Selling Food Made By US Prisoners

After protests broke out at one of its Texas stores, Whole Foods is taking the offending products—goat cheese and tilapia—off its shelves by April 2016 or sooner.
Wyatt Marshall

EsCaLa Ceviche

Crisp, light and refreshing tilapia and shrimp ceviche topped with a Colombian-inspired corn salsa.
Chris Oh

Prisoners Are Becoming Some of America's Best Farmers

Inmates in southeastern Colorado's vast prison complex are working a variety of surprising agricultural jobs, milking goats and cows, planting and harvesting vegetables, farming and filleting fish, and harvesting honey.
Lauren Rothman

Bearded Filter Feeders Are the Future of the Seafood Industry

Chilean sea bass became overfished after celebrity chefs and a famous scene in <i>Jurassic Park</i> placed them on the international food map. But mussels, an often overlooked sea creature, are one of the most sustainable seafood options that are...
Paul Greenberg
Motherboard Blog

Aquaponics Is Growing Farms in the Most Unlikely Places

From Bangladesh to Yemen, Berlin to Tucson, the water-strapped are employing the ancient farming technique to the 21st century. But will it prove too costly and energy sucking?
Ben Richmond