The VICE Morning Bulletin

Tillerson out as secretary of state, House Republicans say no evidence of collusion, UK accuses Russia of attacking former spy, and more.


Tillerson wants U.S. troops in Syria until terrorism is gone, so forever

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson outlined Washington’s latest Syria strategy Wednesday, vowing to keep an open-ended American military presence beyond its goal of defeating the Islamic State.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Republicans close in on massive pro-wealthy tax bill, Trump calls Kate Steinle verdict "disgraceful," at least 13 killed in Pakistan Taliban attack, and more.


Donald Trump's highly abnormal presidency: the week of Nov. 20

Trump has been locked in an escalating war of words with Ball – a brash, self-promoting businessman – since Ball’s middle son, LiAngelo Ball, was released with two of his UCLA teammates from a Chinese jail earlier this month.


Burmese military "committed widespread rape" of fleeing Rohingya women

Burmese security forces had “committed widespread rape” against Rohingya women and girls as part of a brutal ethnic cleansing that has forced more than 600,000 Rohingyas to flee their homes.


Donald Trump's highly abnormal presidency: the week of Nov. 6

The Trump administration’s pick to be a federal judge in Alabama has never tried a case in his life.


Trump Reportedly Asked for More Nukes Because of a Powerpoint Graph

The president was apparently dismayed at the downward trend showing a drop in the stockpile since the late 1960s.


Trump Just Challenged Rex Tillerson to an IQ Test

After the secretary of state reportedly called Trump a "moron," the president's looking to settle the score.


Tillerson Sticks Around After Reportedly Calling Trump a 'Moron'

"I have never considered leaving this post."


The VICE Morning Bulletin

At least 50 killed in Las Vegas shooting, Catalonia votes to break from Spain despite police violence, Trump at odds with State Department over North Korea, and more.