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Tim Heidecker's New Song 'Ballad of the Incel Man' Is Savage as Hell

It's a brilliant roast of the kind of dudes that wear 'Hillary for Prison' shirts or whatever.


Our Interview with Bob Odenkirk Made Him Hate Himself

The 'Better Call Saul' actor and comedian sat down with VICE to talk about Catholic guilt, why interviews suck, and his desire to change the past.


Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric Releases Beautiful Song About Nazi Dick Getting Punched Upside the Head

"Richard Spencer" sounds like Randy Newman getting mad at Nazis.


Remembering C. Martin Croker, the Weird Genius Behind 'Space Ghost: Coast to Coast'

Clay Martin Croker has passed away at age 54. He inspired everyone from Tim and Eric, to Hannibal Buress and Eric Andre.


This Human Gummy Bear Plugs His Butt with a Fancy Haribo Dildo

Haribo is Carly Mark's favorite brand. For her first solo show, the artist brings advertising and consumerism to its logical conclusion by creating an apocalyptic advert starring Eric Wareheim as an anthropomorphic gummy.


Tim Heidecker Would Like You to Take Him Seriously, Please (at Least for This Album)

We talk to the comedian about venturing into the music world, and you can stream his upcoming record 'In Glendale' a week before its release.


This "Screen Test” Will Scare You Out of Auditions

An ‘ER’-inspired short from 'Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack’ combines the magic of filmmaking with the awkwardness of cold reading.


The Bizarre and Hilarious Shot-for-Shot Novelization of Tim Heidecker's 'DECKER' Web Series

We spoke to Jamie Grefe, who wrote a novel based on the insane Adult Swim shorts about a CIA agent who doesn't play by the rules.


Tim and Eric Tell Us About Their Greatest Fears

We talked to them about their new show, the underlying terror that lies beneath the surface of the everyday, and...boys!!!


Artist Duo, Mike And Claire, Pick Up Where "Tim And Eric" Left Off

Pounds of face paint, extreme GIFs, and manic videos are in the arsenal of these brilliant weirdos