Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan

Fan Theory Explains How Ron Paul and Tim Duncan Are Basically The Same Guy

A political forum user has uncovered a boatload of similarities between the two, including where they come from and their professional dominance.
Sean Newell
Joel Embiid

​What Joel Embiid Can Learn From Tim Duncan And—Gulp—Andrew Bynum

It's tough being a big man in the NBA and staying healthy.
Spencer Lund

Kawhi Leonard Took Over and Turned Back the Spurs Clock

Kawhi Leonard has learned to do it all, even put a team on his back and take over a game.
Robert O'Connell

How the Spurs Are Still Maintaining Their Unstoppable Dynasty: The NBA Wraparound

Is it possible that the Spurs have gotten better without Tim Duncan? The stats suggest yes.
Adam Mares

You Can Now Eat Some Fundamentally Nutritious Tim Duncan Cereal

Slam Duncan O's are "unique blend of naturally flavored honey nut toasted O's and delicious chocolatey puffs."
Patrick Sauer

Without Tim Duncan, the Spurs Are Missing Their Shield

On Tuesday night, the San Antonio Spurs begin their first season without Tim Duncan since the advent of Google. Keeping opponents from scoring baskets is about to become considerably more difficult for Gregg Popovich's team.
​Jared Dubin

While NBA Stars Keep Retiring, Dirk Nowitzki Continues His Unprecedented Run

What Dirk Nowitzki is doing at his age, at his size, is quite literally unprecedented in NBA history. His peers on the court—Kobe, KG, Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce—have retired or are about to, but the Dallas Mavericks star has barely slowed down.
​Jared Dubin

The Minnesota Lynx Are the San Antonio Spurs of the WNBA

No team in recent basketball memory has built a dynasty quite as long-lasting or protean as the San Antonio Spurs', but the WNBA's Minnesota Lynx are working on it.
Tim Faklis
weak in review

Tim Duncan, All The Way Down To Earth: David Roth's Weak In Review

The ways in which Tim Duncan was great were easy to miss, and easy to misconstrue. But they're undeniable, and time only made them look more transcendent.
David Roth
Gregg Popovich

Watch Gregg Popovich Get Emotional Talking About Tim Duncan

Gregg Popovich briefly became human while speaking about Tim Duncan.
Sean Newell
Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan Retires After 19 Seasons with San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan has retired at the age of 40.
Sean Newell
nba playoffs 2016

The Spurs' Dynasty Now Depends Upon LaMarcus Aldridge

The Spurs are a beautiful basketball machine and a collective effort, but they still need their superstars. Right now, that means that they need LaMarcus Aldridge.
Jonny Auping