Tim Schutsky


This Sacred Breed of Cattle Has Survived 2,000 Years to Make It to Your Table

Over two millennia, the rare breed has served as many things: pagan sacrifice, royal hunting game, and a national treasure.


Lynchian Photographs from a Small Town in the Smoky Mountains

Tim Schutsky teamed up with collaborator Keren Shavit to capture the slippery area between fiction and reality in 'The Odds of Being Born.'


Meet the Stars Behind the April Issue of VICE Magazine

Three cheers for Geoff Dyer, Alice Newell-Hanson, Mallika Rao, and all the other employees of the month behind our Holy Cow Issue.


The Story Behind the Cover of VICE's April Issue

Photographer Tim Schutsky hung out with some eerie cows and played around with googly eyes to get the perfect shot for our April 2016 cover.


Mike and Claire Present: 'RATS'

Today we're hosting the world premiere of Mike and Claire's new piece, RATS, just in time for Halloween. The short is a queer romp through a mischievous, monochrome world. It's also really, really freaky.


See Tomorrow’s Photography Tonight at the SVA Mentors Show

SVA's Mentors Show opens tonight in NYC! Here is a preview of the work that will be on display, with comments from both students and mentors.