Tim Tebow


Trump Must Give Up Signed Tim Tebow Helmet in Crooked Charity Settlement

The helmet, in combination with two portraits of Trump shadily bought with money from Trump's foundation, are now valued at around $975.


We Need a Return to the Innocence of Tebowmania

Somehow we've gotten to the point with news that the furor over Tim Tebow by the likes of Skip Bayless every morning now seems quaint and dare we say enjoyable.


Tebow Launches Bat Deep Into Stands, Strikes Out

That's not a bat flip, bruh.


Tim Tebow Nails Fan in the Nuts with Warmup Throw

The fan said the misguided throw reminded him of Tebow's days with the New York Jets.


Tim Tebow Vanquished Satan with Home Run* in First Pro At-Bat

Time Tebow hit his first home run off the 666th pick in the 2015 draft.


Tim Tebow's Throwing Mechanics Are as Bizarre as Ever

Briefly the most avant-garde passer in the NFL, Tim Tebow has now committed to baseball. That's also a sport where throwing is required. It will get weird.


Introducing Single-A Baseball Player Tim Tebow

The Mets are assigning Tim Tebow to their Single-A affiliate in South Carolina.


Woman Arrested at Mets Spring Training Said She's in Relationship with Tim Tebow

When asked if she was in a platonic, romantic, or matrimonial relationship with Mets invite Tim Tebow she said "all of the above."


Bill Belichick Was Even Cold-Hearted to the Saintly Tim Tebow

Belichick persuaded Timmy to forgo a $1 million endorsement deal right before cutting him.


Tim Tebow Gets a Walk-Off Hit

He hit it, at least.


Rams Fans Now Chanting for Tim Tebow at QB

The fan in Los Angeles are getting desperate for a quarterback. Tim Tebow desperate.


Tim Tebow (Allegedly) Gets First Fall League Hit

Yet again, we are left wondering whether Tim Tebow actually did the thing people claim he did.