Praying for Rain

Trump’s Pick for Ag Secretary Is Already Facing Criticism from Conservationists

As agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue would also oversee 193 million acres of national forests.
Kaleigh Rogers

How Romania Is Using Satellites to Stop Loggers Leveling Its Fairytale Forests

The new system allows the public, journalists, and businesses to track the entire system and easily identify illegal activity.
Kaleigh Rogers

Michael Gordon Wrote the Best Piece of Music for Six Two-by-Fours You've Ever Heard

The composer explains his approach and shares a video for the Squarepusher remix of "Timber."
Keagon Voyce
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Listen to Tim Hecker's Hallucinatory Remix of 'Timber,' a Percussion Piece Played on Wood

Michael Gordon's original 2009 piece tricked many listeners into thinking there were electronics, but it was just wood.
Colin Joyce
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Video of Kesha Performing "Blow" and "Timber" in Nashville Is Punk as Fuck

"Don't worry," she says of her performance with her band Yeast Infection, "NO ONE will ever shut me up."
Kyle Kramer

Will a Slap On the Wrist Save Tasmania's Heritage Forests?

The World Heritage Committee has rejected Australia's bid to delist 74,000 hectares of heritage listed forest, which Tasmania was hoping to log. Not that'll make much difference. There's plenty of other stuff to cut down, mine or dredge.
Julian Morgans

#trendwatch: COUNTRY EDM Edition

Introducing dance music's lowest common denominator.
Drew Millard
Motherboard Blog

Watch Sandy Calmly Topple This Tree

Why dudes run out to size up the damage afterward is beyond me. At least they weren’t wearing horse masks.
Brian Anderson