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Broadband Woes

Here’s How Time Warner Cable Was ‘Ripping You Off’ All Those Years

New York State’s Attorney General alleges a years-long scheme to defraud consumers.
Sam Gustin

AT&T’s DirecTV ‘Corrupted’ LA Dodgers TV Talks, DOJ Alleges in Lawsuit

The DOJ says the satellite giant colluded with rivals in violation of federal antitrust law.
Sam Gustin

AT&T’s $85 Billion Time Warner Buyout Faces Tough Federal Scrutiny

US regulators will examine the merger closely for evidence of antitrust harm.
Sam Gustin
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FCC Postpones Vote on Set-Top Box Reform in a Blow to Chairman Wheeler

The chairman failed to secure the votes needed to pass the pro-consumer measure.
Sam Gustin and Nicholas Deleon
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Court Sides With Time Warner Cable Over Cable Box Rentals

The appeals court decision comes as the FCC is seeking to force cable companies to let consumers use third-party cable boxes.
David Bixenspan
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The FCC Keeps Running Into Opposition With Its Plan to Open Up Cable Boxes

Six months after revealing its intentions, the FCC continues to face opposition to its plan to let you chose your own cable box.
David Bixenspan
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Breaking Up Is Hard—Especially With Your Cable Company

Canceling your cable service may take more effort than you might think.
Chris Brantner
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Cable Companies Are Hiding Behind Copyright to Keep You Paying Rental Fees

Cable box rental fees will not go quietly into the night.
Nicholas Deleon

FCC Approves New US Broadband Giant in Charter-Time Warner Cable Merger

Public interest groups warn the deal, which will create a massive new broadband giant with more than 20 million customers in 41 states, will lead to higher prices for consumers.
Sam Gustin
The Motherboard Guide to Cord Cutting

The State of Cord Cutting Today, By the Numbers

Some of the numbers in the cord cutting game will take your breath away.
Nicholas Deleon

Feds Approve $78B Charter-TWC Merger, Creating Broadband Colossus

Critics say the deal is anticompetitive and against the public interest.
Sam Gustin

Looming Charter-TWC Merger Could Hurt Video Streaming, Advocates Warn

Anti-merger groups warn that if safeguards aren’t put in place, the merger could be a threat to over-the-top streaming services.
Kari Paul