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Fast Food

The Coolest Place to Get a Drink in Midtown Manhattan Is the New Taco Bell

With its expanding cantinas in New York City, the fast-food chain proves yet again that it's perpetually topical—and might just take over the world.
Alex Norcia

Canadians Are Obsessed with Cold-Shaming Because It's All We Have

It's like the weather version of a dick-measuring contest, and Americans are an easy target.
Manisha Krishnan
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RIP, Guy Fieri's Times Square Restaurant and NYC's Flavortown

Guy's American Kitchen and Bar will close on January 1—proof 2018 will already be worse than 2017.
Alex Norcia

[NSFW] Times Square Went Nude for "Bodypainting Day"

“When you express yourself, it actually looks like this,” says artist Andy Golub of the hundred or so naked and painted bodies around him.
Laura Conner
climate change

Aquatic Climate Change Performance Art Takes Over Times Square

With Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, 'Holoscenes' is a chilling intervention many hope is fiction, not forecast.
Kara Weisenstein
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Jared Kushner intervened in major Saudi arms deal, Swedish prosecutor drops rape case against Julian Assange, Basquiat painting sells for $110.5 million, and more.
VICE Staff
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Everything We Know About the Horrific Car Crash in Times Square

Police say the incident is not connected to terrorism.
Drew Schwartz

A Moving Painting Turns Times Square into a Psychedelic Canvas

For the latest of ‘Midnight Moment,' Cuban artist Emilio Perez animates one of his paintings inspired by America’s first trans-continental highways.
DJ Pangburn
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A Times Square Cookie Monster Was Stabbed Trying to Break Up a Halloween Brawl

The <i>Sesame Street</i> vigilante was injured after trying to break up a fight between a man dressed as an aviator who was apparently offended by another man's Native American costume over Halloween weekend.
Allison Schaller

An Artist Installed a Huge "Human Kaleidoscope" in Times Square

Enter an interactive corridor of mirrors for Cuban artist Rachel Valdés Camejo's first solo US show.
DJ Pangburn

Hot as Hell in Midtown

To photographer Chris Maggio, "Midtown Manhattan is fuckin' New York™, yaknowwhatImean®? It's one heck of a concrete hell when the weather reaches the tippy-top of the thermometer.
Chris Maggio

Here's Why an Artist Is Drowning in Times Square This Month

Jherek Bischoff was burned, drowned, and sunburned to make the newest Midnight Moment.
Francesca Capossela