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Vampire Weekend's Freewheeling Pop Rock and 11 More Albums for Heavy Rotation

Ecstatic ambience and nimble raps make up the rest of this week's essential listening.
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Tink Returns With New Project, 'Voicemails'

The Chicago artist follows up 2018's 'Pain & Pleasure' with 'Voicemails,' a 12-track project released independently.
Kristin Corry

Finally, Tink Can Do What She Wants

“M.I.A.” is the first video Tink has released since breaking away from her joint deal with Timbaland, and this time she’s exactly where she wants to be.
Kristin Corry
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40 Essential Albums You Probably Missed So Far in 2018

The first half of 2018 delivered some incredible music. Check out what might've slipped under your radar.
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Check out Photos from This Weekend's Summer Frenzy with Tink and Spice

It's now officially summer.
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Come See Tink and Spice Perform in Queens

Summer Frenzy goes down on June 24 at Knockdown Center.
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8ULENTINA Blends R&B, Ballroom, and Mahraganat in Club-Ready Batch of Edits

The Club Chai party they co-founded will do its first ever London event on Friday.
Alexander Iadarola
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Stream of the Crop: 9 New Albums for Heavy Rotation

This week's been a microcosm of 2016.
Alex Robert Ross

Chicago's Chella H Has No Filter, and Thank Goodness for That

The Chicago rapper discusses her new mixtape, 'No Filter,' and her thoughts on the recent VICELAND episode of Noisey Chicago.
Zach Goldbaum
The Up in Flames Issue

Why Companies Aren't Required to Label Their Products 'Conflict-Free'

This August, a court ruled that labeling goods made using minerals from warlord-controlled mines is a matter of opinion on moral responsibility, not a factual statement relevant to investors.
Mark Hay

PREMIERE: Chicago Rapper/Singer Tink Gets Dressed Up to Dump a Bad Boyfriend in "Medicine"

Toast that special one who let you get away to the 'Winter's Diary 3' highlight.
Craig Jenkins
Holy Shit

Fly Away From the Drama in Timbaland's "UFO," Featuring Future and Tink

No texting in space.
John Hill