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Todd Haynes is Making a Documentary About the Velvet Underground

The director of Velvet Goldmine says the doco will rely on a rich culture of experimental film.
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Todd Haynes Is Directing a Velvet Underground Documentary Series

The filmmaker behind 'Velvet Goldmine' and 'I'm Not There' will interview surviving members and dig through archival footage for the upcoming docuseries.
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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Almost Missed a Job Because He Was Stuck in Vietnam

The veteran Irish actor talks about working with Todd Haynes and how Brad Renfro accidentally helped him get a role.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Wes Anderson-Esque Posters Map Cult Films' Props and Blueprints

UK artist Jordan Bolton photographs exquisitely modeled movie artifacts to craft modern film posters.
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How the All-Drag Movie 'Vegas in Space' Forever Changed Queer Cinema

Campy, psychedelic, and utterly bizarre, 'Vegas in Space' was one of the first truly queer midnight movies, and a cinematic revelation.
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Watch: Todd Haynes Talks 'Carol,' David Bowie, and Making Movies About Women

We caught up with acclaimed filmmaker Todd Haynes to discuss his latest movie.
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We Meet Trump's Biggest Female Fans on Today's 'Daily VICE'

Then director Todd Haynes talks about love and his new film 'Carol​,' and we explore the power of indifference on social media.
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'Brokeback Mountain' Ushered in a New Era of Gay Cinema

In honor of the ten-year anniversary of the release of the iconic gay Western, we spoke to B. Ruby Rich, the film scholar who coined the term 'new queer cinema,' to discuss the evolution of gayness on the silver screen.
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Talking with Director Todd Haynes about 'Carol,' Lesbian Love, and the Impossibility of Indie Films

We met up with the filmmaker to discuss his new film, an exploration of lesbian love in the homophobic 1950s.
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