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Desus & Mero

'Top Chef' Judge Tom Colicchio Celebrates the 100th Episode of 'Desus & Mero'

The celebrity chef popped champagne and taste-tested some chopped cheese with the VICELAND hosts.
Sarah Bellman
food politics

We Spoke to Tom Colicchio About Petitioning Chefs for More GMO Transparency

The DARK Act would prevent mandatory labeling of GMOs and deny consumers the right to know if their food contains genetically modified ingredients. Colicchio wants to make sure it does not become the law of the land.
Alex Swerdloff

Listen to ‘MUNCHIES: The Podcast’ with ‘Top Chef’ Judge Gail Simmons

On the latest episode of the MUNCHIES Podcast, we talk to <i>Top Chef</i> judge Gail Simmons about her thoughts on the contemporary food world that the reality TV show helped to create.
Helen Hollyman
food politics

Tom Colicchio Spoke to Us About Taking the Food Advocacy Fight to Washington

The <i>Top Chef</i> judge and chef/restaurateur is also the cofounder of Food Policy Action, an organization that seeks to hold legislators accountable on votes that have an effect on food and farming.
Alex Swerdloff

Meet the Man Who Is Selling Smoke in a Bottle to Chefs

One of the most obsessive specialty foods dealers in NYC—a man who has chefs addicted to the unusual—has found a way to bottle smoke.
Ashley Hoffman
New York

Watch Gail Simmons of 'Top Chef' Eat and Drink NYC's Best in Chef's Night Out

Gail Simmons of Bravo's Top Chef and Food & Wine takes us out to some of her favorite NYC spots for mussel toast, Vietnamese shrimp, and a 30-shot whiskey pour.
Gail Simmons