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Against Me! and Talib Kweli Feature on Chelsea Manning Benefit Album

‘Hugs For Chelsea’ aims to raise money for the former soldier, who was released from prison today.
Alex Robert Ross
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We're Still Going to Get One Last Chuck Berry Album This Year and You Can Hear a New Song from It Now

"Big Boys" features Nathaniel Rateliff and Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello.
Phil Witmer
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Audioslave Reunite at Prophets of Rage’s Anti-Inaugural Ball

It was their first live set in over a decade.
Alex Robert Ross

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Donald Trump claims millions voted illegally, the feds say they won't force the removal of Standing Rock pipeline protestors, Cubans to mourn Castro at Revolution Square in Havana, and more.
VICE Staff
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This Horrible Trump Thing: Inside Prophets of Rage's Battle at the RNC

In an interview before their set, the supergroup told us they got together to be an alternative voice in angry year. But how clearly could that voice be heard in the middle of the chaos in Cleveland?
Alex Robert Ross
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Bun B's Convention Dispatch One: Rage and Racism in Cleveland

VICE's political correspondent scopes the scene on the night of Donald Trump's official nomination.
Bun B

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Democrats stage a 16-hour sit-in for a vote on gun control legislation, Britain decides on whether to stay in the EU, Kim Jung Un claims North Korea's missiles can reach the US, and more.
VICE Staff
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Tom Morello Stands Up to Trump, Calls the Presidential Candidate a “Frat House Rapist”

"When it comes to race relations, he’s like an old-school segregationist; when it comes to foreign policy, he’s like an old-school napalmist; when it comes to women’s issues, he’s like a frat house rapist."
Noisey Staff

A Love Letter to Ace Frehley: Artists Share the Blazing KISS Solos That Inspired Them

Members of Pearl Jam, Immortal, Melvins, Tribulation, Twisted Sister, and more pay tribute to the KISS shredder's hot licks and singalong solos.
Mark Lore

Which Side Are You On?: Revisiting Classic Anthems from the Labor Movement

It's International Workers Day! Here's the soundtrack to your solidarity march.
Kim Kelly