Tom Price


Trump's Rampant Corruption Will Actually Hurt Him Soon

The guy who famously bragged he could shoot someone on the street and not lose voters will get his—if Democrats don't screw this up.
Matt Taylor

Today Is the Last Day to Tell HHS That Life Doesn't 'Begin at Conception'

Advocates explain why the language included in the department’s drafted strategic plan is “fundamentally at odds with a woman’s right to access basic healthcare.”
Kimberly Lawson

The US Government Now Says Life Begins at Conception [Updated]

The move from health officials provides new ammo for attacks on birth control and abortion.
Susan Rinkunas
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Pay It All Back, Binch

Health Secretary Tom Price is only paying back about $52,000—or roughly 5 percent—of the taxpayer money he's spent on private travel. Fuck that.
Eve Peyser
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hugh Hefner dies at 91, White House set to slash refugee admissions, Trump "not happy" about Tom Price's private jet fiasco, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump to Kids: Opioids 'No Good, Really Bad for You'

Taking a break from his golf course in New Jersey, the president embraced old-school "Just Say No"-style chiding.
Matt Taylor
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The Trump Administration Is Officially Going After Free Birth Control

A leaked draft of a new rule says any employer can object to covering contraception for moral or religious reasons.
Susan Rinkunas

Republicans Really Don’t Want Reporters to Ask About Trumpcare

One journalist was body-slammed and another was arrested for asking about the healthcare bill.
Susan Rinkunas

Doctors Are Ripping Tom Price's Absurd Comments on Addiction

More than 600 practitioners and researchers called out the health secretary's unscientific, stigmatizing views on addiction treatment.
Susan Rinkunas
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Health Secretary Tom Price Recommends God as the Solution to the Opioid Crisis

Just pray the addiction away.
Susan Rinkunas
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All the Trump-Era Changes That Affect Your Health

Unfortunately, there's enough material to update regularly.
Tonic Editors

The Cruelest, Most Dishonest Part of the Republican Healthcare Plan

Healthcare policy can be complicated, but the simple truth is that Republicans don't want the government to provide insurance to poor people.
Harry Cheadle