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Mexico's botched investigation of 43 missing students leads chief investigator to resign

Parents of the students see the resignation of Tomás Zerón as an empty gesture since he's being rewarded with another high-level government job.
Jo Tuckman
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Mexico Sends US-Born Drug Lord ‘La Barbie’ Back Home to Face Charges

Edgar Valdez Villareal became a somewhat larger-than-life figure after his arrest in 2010 when he smirked before news cameras and boasted that a movie would be made about his life in the drug world.
Daniel Hernandez

Could Mexican Officials Eventually Face Charges for Failings in Missing Students Case?

Despite the damning report by an independent panel, a government official defended the original investigation this week. President Enrique Peña Nieto said he would meet parents of the missing as the one-year mark approaches.
Melissa del Pozo and Daniel Hernandez

‘Only Two Cartels Are Left in Mexico,’ Government Official Claims

Mexico's chief criminal investigator said hundreds of smaller splinter cells continue to affect millions of Mexicans across the country. The statements were the most frank assessment made in years about Mexico's cartels.
Gabriela Gorbea and Andrea Noel

Mexico Says Missing Students Case Is Solved, Despite No New Evidence

Four months after the Ayotzinapa Normal School students were "disappeared," authorities offered no conclusive proof all 43 young men were incinerated at a dump, but also asked the public to move on.
Daniel Hernandez

The Executioners: What the Government Hasn’t Revealed About the Mexico Student Massacre

Cartel members interrogated by authorities claim dozens of people — more than authorities admit — were attacked and killed because the cartel believed a rival gang was attempting to enter Iguala.
Melissa del Pozo, Hans-Maximo Musielik, and Rafael Castillo