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You're Smarter Than That

Wellness Trends Represent an Erosion of Critical Thinking

Tim Caulfield explores our attraction to detoxes and other alternative health practices in ‘A User’s Guide to Cheating Death.’
Shayla Love

The Massive Racial Blind Spot in Cancer-Drug Studies

A new ProPublica investigation sheds light on this considerable problem.
Shayla Love
Eat This

Fish Oil Supplements Harm the Ocean and They May Not Even Be That Good for You

The fish oil industry could lead to the collapse of certain species and we can’t even prove omega-3 supplements are as beneficial as we think they are.
Lauren Rothman
mental health

The Surprisingly Positive Effects of Being a Pessimist

Author and professor Eugene Thacker tells us about how pessimism can be a form of self-help.
Zachary Siegel
Tonic Talks

Rudeness Is Becoming an Epidemic

It's like poison for the brain.
Rajul Punjabi
Tonic Talks

T-Boz is Not Here for People Trolling Her About Illness or Trump

The T in TLC, a sickle cell disease advocate, talks about managing chronic illness and as well as her haters.
Rajul Punjabi
Harm Reduction

This Guy's Job is to Help People Trip Safely at Music Festivals

Drug-checking and advice, judgment-free.
Suzannah Weiss
united states of addiction

We Treat People With Addiction a Lot Better Than We Used to

But there’s still a lot of work to be done.
Rajul Punjabi
Tonic Talks

A Shot Could Have Prevented the Cancer That’s Killing Me

“I’d like to show the anti-vaxxers my chest tube and ask, ‘Would this be problematic for your child?'"
Diana Spechler
Tonic Talks

Our Culture of Comparison is Making Us Petty

One of Ted Talks' MVPs, Simon Sinek, tells us why being an alpha won't make us happy.
Rajul Punjabi
Dhani Oks
Tonic Talks

What Considering an Abortion Does to a Couple

A filmmaker draws on her own experience to bring awareness to those who grapple with challenging decisions during pregnancy.
Elizabeth Brown
Tonic Talks

Yoga Isn’t All Sunshine and Handstands

Trauma and darkness often draws people to the mat.
Rajul Punjabi