I Stopped Using a Computer Mouse for a Week and It Was Amazing

Your life will be so much easier if you force yourself to learn keyboard shortcuts.
Daniel Oberhaus
The VICE Guide to Right Now

There's a Major Typo on Trump's Official Inauguration Print

The Library of Congress quickly pulled the poster offline after realizing the Trump quote used "to" instead of "too."
River Donaghey

Little Sister's Watching, Too: Surveillance Art and the Ethics of Looking

The show features 14 works from artists, like Trevor Paglen and James Bridle, that explore the intersections of surveillance agencies and operations with civic rights and privacy.
Sami Emory

Teen Angst, Adult Problems: Zac Carper from FIDLAR Grows Up

We talked to Zac Carper of FIDLAR about going hard, growing up, and getting clean.
Bryn Lovitt
Holy Shit

Watch FIDLAR Make a Human Drone in the Video for "Drone"

These L.A. skate-punks want to steal your brain.
Noisey Staff
VICE vs Video games

If a Game Is Great, Who Cares if It’s Short?

"The Order: 1886" is over in no time at all, but that really wouldn't matter if the hyped PS4 exclusive was actually any good.
Mike Diver

Strippers Are Suing the San Diego Police for Making Them Pose for Photos in Their Underwear

Working on the San Diego Police Department's vice squad is like being a fraternity bro with a gun holster—which is why 30 strippers are now suing the SDPD for what they call harassment from the cops.
Arielle Pardes

How the Producer of the Weeknd’s Breakout Tracks Got Majorly Screwed

His name is Jeremy Rose and he hasn't seen one red cent.
Patrick McGuire