Tor hidden services


After High Profile Busts, Dozens of Dark Web Child Porn Sites Remain

Even after several successful law enforcement operations, a high number of dark web child pornography sites are still active.


Hacker Mass-Scans Dark Web Sites for Vulnerabilities, Dumps Results

Justin Seitz automated a tool that reveals weaknesses in Tor hidden services.


New Tor Site 'Netpoleaks' Helps Whistleblowers Report on UK Police

'Netpoleaks' aims to make it easier for people to share concerns about police activity securely.


Facebook Says 1 Million People Accessed the Site Over Tor This Month

After the launch of Facebook's hidden service and an updated Android app making connections smoother, more people are visiting the site over Tor.


Study Claims Dark Web Sites Are Most Commonly Used for Crime

A dark web crawler found an 'overwhelming' number of sites were used for criminal purposes such as drugs and illegal pornography.


ISIS Now Has a Propaganda Site on the Dark Web

The new site is a mirror of existing material.