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Tori Amos Releases Statement About Working with Terry Richardson

"At the time, I was not aware of the various accusations made against Richardson; had I been I would never have taken part."
Noisey UK Staff
Remembering Things

Tori Amos Fought the System to Make 'Boys for Pele'—and Tori Amos Won

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Tori tells us how taking control resulted in an LP deemed commercial suicide, now lauded as her most successful.
Cam Lindsay

PREMIERE: Listen to "Amphibiava" from Tori Amos's Musical 'The Light Princess'

We talk to the boundary pushing singer about revisiting her first two albums, the importance of questioning authority, body shaming, and more.
Alex Macpherson
the internet

This Real World Alum Is Now an Amazingly Sexual YouTube Chef

We discovered that a Real World cast member of yore is now making psychedelic sexual recipe videos in the weird world of YouTube. You'll never look at butter the same way again.
Hilary Pollack
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Is Tori Amos Trying to Set a New Record for Most Cover Songs on One Tour?

She's covered Rihanna, t.A.t.U., Beyonce, Toto—the list goes on.
Annie Zaleski

Tori Amos is Super Normal for Being Super Famous

She's 14 albums and one musical deep! We talk to Tori about trucking, tarot, and the return of Kate Bush.
Leonie Cooper

Tori Amos Returns: Here's Her New Track "Trouble's Lament"

Here's the first single from her fourteenth album.
Kim Taylor Bennett