Toronto Raptors


Toronto Raptors Celebration Marred by Reported Shooting

The reported shooting led hundreds to flee the scene, including the entire Raptors team and dignitaries such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


The ‘Fan’ Who Shoved the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry Partially Owns the Golden State Warriors

Mark Stevens, a venture capitalist worth $2.3 billion, has been banned from the remainder of the NBA Finals.


The Sharpshooting NBA Player with Pet Snakes

Danny Green's uncle introduced him to snakes when he was a kid. The Toronto Raptors guard has been in love with them ever since.


Dear Toronto Raptors: Bring Back Vince Carter

Let Carter try to win a championship with Toronto and finish off his legendary career where it started.


Kawhi Leonard Cares Not for Your Human Christmas Nonsense

The Toronto Raptors star was asked to talk about his favorite Christmas memories. His response? "Not right now."


Kawhi Leonard's Handle is the Secret to his Success

Heading into this season, it was hard to imagine how Leonard could improve. But in his first year with the Toronto Raptors, his ball-handling has already gone from good to great.


Warriors-Raptors is Not a Finals Preview

It will be Golden State and the Milwaukee Bucks. (Unless it's the Raptors.)


The Raptors and Warriors Are Treating Us to an Early NBA Finals Preview

The marquee Toronto-Golden State matchup is a taste of what could very likely be the last two teams standing in June.


The (Relatively) New Lineups We Can’t Wait to See

Here's a look at a few key five-man units that can help define the 2018-19 NBA season.


The Oscar for Weirdest-Sounding Laugh Goes to Kawhi Leonard

The Toronto Raptors' quiet star described himself as a fun guy at NBA media day, and let out the most awkward laugh imaginable.


Drake Fan Wins $25K on Half Court Shot at a Barclays Concert

Drake even added in one of his custom Nike collaboration​ "OVO" jerseys to boot.


Redditor's Crackpot Scheme to Get Kawhi to Lakers: Enter Canada Illegally

All he has to do is get arrested—he won't be charged. But he will be banned from re-entering the country.