Green Chorizo Torta Recipe

Think outside the sausage casing with this south of the border-style Hamburger Helper.
La Vaquita Negra del Portal

Mexico Hopes Its Famous Chorizo Can Win Over Donald Trump

The pressure is on for Toluca's chorizo.
Duncan Tucker
Action Bronson

Make the Super-Crispy Chicken Torta from the New Episode of 'Fuck, That's Delicious'

Panko-crusted chicken, pickled jalapeños, and gooey Monterrey Jack: we wanted to give this classic the respect it deserves, which is why we sought the wisdom of a Mexican food guru.
Munchies Staff

My Time as a Mexican Cop Made Me a Better Street Vendor in Los Angeles

Despite the hundreds of taco and bacon-wrapped hot dog vendors in LA out on a nightly basis, street vending is 100 percent illegal there. Meet this passionate street taco vendor who used to be a police officer in Mexico but now makes some of the best...
Javier Cabral

Can You Sue Your Employer if You're Fired for Being an Alcoholic?

A Pittsburg woman is claiming her former employer fired her because she went to rehab, and she might have a case.
Mike Pearl

Guadalajara's Tortas Ahogadas Are Better Than Church

The people of Guadalajara know what they want in a sandwich. The torta ahogada—a pork-stuffed baguette swamped in so much spicy salsa that it must be eaten with a spoon—is a local hangover cure and a compelling reason to skip church.
Duncan Tucker

A Pimp Is Suing Nike for Not Warning That His Shoes Could Be Used as Weapons

A Portland pimp named Sirgiorgiro Clardy wants a $100 million settlement from Nike because he claims that not warning people that their shoes could be used as a deadly weapon constitutes negligence.
Mike Pearl