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Enough Brexit Leave Voters Regret Their Decision to Affect the Referendum Result

Also: Some guy wants to make it a crime to support the UK rejoining the EU.
Carlton Férment
Internet Exploring

Fuck You David Cameron, But Also Thank You for This One Remix Meme

Finally, someone has remixed his "Doo doo doo, thank you very much" ad lib into a squelchy electronic banger.
Ryan Bassil
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The UK Is Trying to Make It Harder for Teens to Watch Porn Online

Sorry horny teenagers, PornHub could be off limits for you until you're old enough to get a credit card.
VICE Staff
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We Asked Everyone At Glastonbury How It Felt Waking Up To Brexit

For a festival that prides itself on being rooted in hippie culture, the answers I found weren't particularly unanimous.
Oobah Butler

Do Young Workers Need Unions?

Many young people don't know much about unions, or look at them as antiquated relics, but they could provide a path to making work suck less.
Gabriel Bristow

British MPs Say the UK Should Let In More Immigrant Chefs for Better Curry

Several British members of Parliament are saying that the decision of which immigrants to allow into Britain—and whether Britain should stay in the EU at all—should come down to curry.
Alex Swerdloff

Pig Fucking Was a Popular Theme at the Tory Party Conference Protests This Weekend

A large People's Assembly march streamed through Manchester to throw the Conservative Party an unwelcoming party.
Simon Childs, Photos: Chris Bethell

The UK's Conservative Government Could Help Left-Wing Book Sales

We talked to some radical, left-wing publishers about why the time is ripe for Britons to start printing their own radical literature.
Kit Caless
Election '15

Regeneration Game

In part three, we hear how the demolition of the Heygate Estate was "the worst social housing disaster of recent times."
Vice Beta

What It's Like to Go to an Elite Private School in the London Suburbs

My attempts to ascend the British class system were less like climbing a ladder and more like walking under one and getting crushed by it.
Lucy Hancock

Are British Conservatives Really Pro-LGBT or Just Pinkwashing the Vote?

It's difficult to overlook the savage cuts on community services and the minimal impact they've had on homophobia in British schools and abroad.
Chris Godfrey
United Kingdom

UK Does Not Want to Discuss Drug Law Realities, Says Former Chief Adviser

Amid a row over a government study which found strict laws did not reduce use, a leading neuroscientist tells VICE News that Britain's ruling politicians are only interested in appearing tough on the issue.
Ben Bryant