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Researchers Created Fake 'Master' Fingerprints to Unlock Smartphones

It’s the same principle as a master key, but applied to biometric identification with a high rate of success.
Daniel Oberhaus
Face ID

Cops Told ‘Don’t Look’ at New iPhones to Avoid Face ID Lock-Out

After five failed attempts with the 'wrong' face, Apple's Face ID system will fall back to asking a passcode; a tricky situation for investigators.
Joseph Cox
Face ID

We Asked 6 Privacy and Legal Experts About Apple’s New Face ID

Here’s an answer to every question you have about Apple’s latest innovation.
Louise Matsakis

Please Enjoy This Clip of a Hedgehog Unlocking an iPhone

The cutest form of security.
Madison Margolin

It Won’t Be Difficult to Spoof Smartphone Finger Vein Scanners

Smartphones are already equipped with fingerprint and iris ID systems, but a Japanese company wants to ID you by the veins in your fingertips. But is it really more secure?
Daniel Oberhaus
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How You Can Fix An iPhone Hit With Error 53

Apple apologized to users over a security feature that left some iPhone unusable after being fixed by third-parties.
Nicholas Deleon
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‘Error 53’ May Be a Drag, But It’s Vital to Keep iPhone Users’ Data Safe

iPhone users are grilling Apple over “error 53,” but security researchers say Apple is merely trying to protect their data.
Nicholas Deleon
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Make Your Phone Unusable

It's like a juice cleanse for your phone.
Casey Johnston