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A Feminist on the Front Lines of Warped Tour

A Feminist Punk Band's Quest to Create Safer Spaces at Warped Tour

War on Women's Warped Tour diary, part one.
Shawna Potter

Exclusive: An Intimate Look Behind the Scenes of Halsey's Japanese Tour

Halsey's in the midst of an endless tour and here we get a glimpse into her world on the Japanese leg—a riot of fans, food, and incredible cityscapes.
Kim Taylor Bennett

And They Called it Puppy Love: Here's Hinds and Public Access TV's Tour Photos

Here's what happens when you throw together a band of hot girls and a band of hot boys and make them tour America.
VICE Staff
thump exclusive

Dave Angel Encounters Mr. C, DNB, and Creatures of the Sea on His US Tour

The icon UK techno producer travels the US and old school meets new school
Joshua Glazer
tour diary

Driving on Clouds, a Porn Star Named Jamie XXX, and Butts Everywhere: Rüfüs Du Sol's US Tour Diary

Australia's finest come stateside to battle the elements and check out America's gluteals.
Rüfüs Du Sol
On The Road with...

Ramming Speed Tour Diary, Part I: Breaking Faces and Sleeping in Skateparks

"Our driver Tommy is laying in bed screaming in German with his eyes closed and Kallen is passed out shirtless and covered in stickers next to him."
Noisey Staff

We Set My Nu Leng Loose in India and Filmed the Results

Watch Black Butter's finest bring their whomp to the subcontinent.
Jemayel Khawaja
On The Road with...

"Never Enough Time, Never Enough Sleep, Never Enough Van Halen": More Tour Wisdom From Torche

"When we loaded in, owner told us, 'Haha, I've seen way less talented bands show up with way bigger trailers.' I'll take that compliment."
Noisey Staff
On The Road with...

How to Avoid a "Seriously Chapped, Tattered BH" and Other Dispatches on the Road with Torche

Kicking off their Noisey-presented dates with NOTHING and Wrong, Andrew Elsner talks about life on the road with the doompop favorites.
Noisey Staff

Megafauna's Guide to Heading West

Communing with trees, melting faces, eating constantly, partying in delis, Austin's Megafauna hit the road and this is what they saw.

"Sleep is Bae:" Part Two of UNiiQU3's Aussie Tour Diary is Super Emoji-nal

The Jersey Club queen gives us a glimpse into her lit-up tour with Eclair Fifi, Nina Las Vegas, and Sam Tiba.

Part One of UNiiQU3's Australian Tour Was a Straight-Up Lituation

*Lituation: (noun) A situation that is extra turnt up cc: rave, party