This Chrome Extension Lets You Tune Out Toxic Comments Online

“Tune” is an app that uses machine learning to filter what it thinks is “toxic” content, but it’s far from perfect.


'Toxic Charmer,' Today's Comic by Tara Booth

Similarly to toxic situations, just because you understand snakes doesn't necessarily mean you should play with them.


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"There was a poo on the middle of my floor, and I knew it was me but I blamed it on my mum.”


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Google and Wikipedia Are Making an AI-Powered Internet Beef Detector

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The EPA is ignoring spills at one of Houston’s most toxic sites

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, multiple reports have detailed stormwater flowing out of U.S. Oil Recovery, a highly-polluted, now-retired petroleum waste processing facility in Houston.


Women of Color Are Bearing the Brunt of a Toxic Beauty Industry

Inconclusive science and social pressures are putting women's health at risk.


With Almost No Fanfare, Yung Lean Released New Music Last Week

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Canada Is Finally Banning Deadly Asbestos

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Madonna Covers Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” Sort of Turns it Into Anti-Trump Commentary at Art Basel

It was a "Night of Art, Mischief & Music" to benefit her Raising Malawi charity.