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What Happens if I Keep a Tampon in For Longer Than 8 Hours?

I mean, don't forget about it in there.
Jessie Gill
You're Smarter Than That

Our Dumbest Health Fears

You're going to die eventually, but probably not from something you typed into Google.
Melissa Romero

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, the GOP agrees to gun control votes after a 15-hour filibuster, Facebook is urged to give over information on Omar Mateen, Broadway stars will record a fundraising song for a Florida LGBT center, and more.
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The World's First Vaccine for Toxic Shock Syndrome is in the Works

In its first phase of clinical trials, the new vaccine proved to be safe, effective, and yielded virtually zero side effects.
Arielle Pardes

Is Toxic Shock Syndrome on the Rise Among Young Women?

Last month, four teenagers in Western Michigan were diagnosed with toxic shock syndrome from using tampons. Why are so many young women still getting TSS?
Leah Sottile

Soaking It Up With Menstrual Sea Sponges

Looking into the growing trend of managing periods with porous objects that are technically animals.
Naeun Kim

A 13-Year-Old Girl Died of Toxic Shock Syndrome After Doctors Misdiagnosed Her

Doctors told Jemma-Louise Roberts her vomiting and diarrhea were a simple stomach virus. A week later, she had died from toxic shock syndrome.
Leah Sottile

The Future of Periods Will Be High-Tech, Messy, and Might Involve Jellyfish

In the future, there could be computerized tampons that tell you when to change them, dissolvable tampons that can release HIV-prevention medication, and tampons that even detect ovarian cancer.
Tori Telfer

Toxic Shock: Why This Woman Is Suing a Tampon Company After Losing Her Leg

After toxic shock syndrome nearly killed Lauren Wasser, the former model and athlete has devoted herself to rectifying what she sees as serious problems with the tampon industry.
Tori Telfer

The End of Canada's Tampon Tax Is a Victory for My Bank Account, but It Hasn't Ended Period Stigma

Unfair taxes are the tip of the iceberg. How long will it take to stop the embarrassed giggles that accompany words like "tampon" and "pad"?
Christine Estima