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How Much Water Should I Drink?

What experts think about the ‘8 glasses a day' rule.
Karin Klein
camp century

A Top-Secret US Military Base Will Melt Out of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Planners thought it would stay buried in ice forever.
Kate Lunau
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This Lab Is Making Sure Your Legal Weed Is Safe to Smoke

We visited a lab that tests weed for harmful contaminants to find out if a batch of cannabis is OK to consume.
VICE Staff
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Your Hangovers Really Are Getting Worse With Age

And it's not just your liver falling down on the job.
Maggie Puniewska
We Tried It

Hangover Cures Are a Lie

I got wasted several weekends in a row for the sake of research. You're welcome.
Austin Williams
How Not to Die

States May Be Intentionally Poisoning Each Other With Toxic Air

Canada is looking better every day.
Aaron Reuben
How Not to Die

Newsflash: Hookah Smoking is Terrible for You

And the latest upgrade could make things even worse.
Nick Keppler
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Study Links Cancer to Living Within a Mile of Oil Wells

More than 15 million Americans now reside that close to such developments.
Jesse Hicks

The EPA Will Begin Regulating These 10 Chemicals as Potentially Toxic

Asbestos makes the list, but the others are less well known. And the big question remains: will the agency be able to keep doing this under President Trump?
Grennan Milliken

The World's Most Poisonous Creatures Could Get You High and Save Your Life

In her new book, Venomous, molecular biologist Christie Wilcox goes in-depth exploring the culture and history of venom. VICE sat down with her for a chat about her interest in the world's deadliest creatures.
Seth Ferranti

A Hotter Vape Emits Higher Levels of Carcinogens, Study Shows

Researchers found devices that better regulated temperatures emitted lower levels of toxins.
Kaleigh Rogers

Weed Might Be Able to Block the Onset of Alzheimer's

If you're regularly exercising and smoking pot, you're already taking the right steps to ward off the disease.
VICE Staff