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If Canada Wants People to Drive Electric Cars It Needs to Build Charging Stations

Canada should take a tip from Norway and support electric vehicles with the necessary infrastructure.
Kate Fane
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Ridesharing Is Making It Harder Than Ever to Commit to a One-Car Relationship

What does owning a car mean when you can hop in and out of everyone else’s?
Kate Fane
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How Augmented Reality Will Project A New World Onto Our Windshields

Will bringing more digital information to our displays make driving safer, or make us even more distracted?
Theo Gibson
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Additive Manufacturing Is Transforming How Engineers Are Approaching Design

Uncovering geometric shapes and patterns that once seemed implausible, this new technology will radically change the look and feel of our vehicles.
Theo Gibson
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We Find Out How Renewable Energy Could Finally Overtake Fossil Fuels

Experts are banking on solar and hydrogen fuel as the future of green energy, but it might not be an easy ride.
Theo Gibson

Watch This Toyota Robot Get Nothing But Net

A robot beat some Tokyo ballers in a shootout last month.
Daniel Oberhaus
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How Will Molecular Engineering Shape the Vehicles of Tomorrow?

We learn how programmable matter like replicated shark skin could make the future of air transportation safer.
Theo Gibson

Will Automated Cities Put Us All On Autopilot?

Autonomous living is closer than we think. We find out what living on the grid will look like when we connect our cities to our vehicles in the second episode of FLUX.
Theo Gibson

Will Exoskeletons Give Us Superpowers?

All the strength of a body builder, with none of the body oil. We test out the latest bionic enhancements in the first episode of FLUX.
Theo Gibson

Pizza Hut's New Delivery Technology Is Straight Out of 'Black Mirror'

You may remember the self-driving pizza delivery truck from the extra-creepy episode "Crocodile." Guess what? It's here.
Jelisa Castrodale
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This Is the Longest Floating Bridge in the World

If you need to know how to make a 230,000-ton ribbon of concrete float on one of the deepest lakes of the Northwest, ask the engineers of the Evergreen Point Bridge.
Aidan Johnston

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump renews promise to deport millions of immigrants, Michigan cop suspended for driving truck with confederate flag to Trump protest, Leon Russell dies at age 74, and more.
VICE Staff