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Depressing Photos from the Last Days of Toys 'R' Us

We will never see Geoffrey the Giraffe again.
Andy Sarjahani and Joanna Kulesza
Tales of Heroic Bravery

To Those Who Tried to Hold a Rave in an Abandoned Toys R Us, We Salute You

London police reportedly raided the toy store in late March and arrested five people.
Phil Witmer

Let's Talk About Warm, Fuzzy Toys R Us Memories and... Other Stuff

We talk Toys R' Us, happy childhood gaming memories, and... Luigi's special sausage on Waypoint Radio
Danielle Riendeau
fun and games

How Primitive Electronics and Expensive Video Games Turned Toys'R'Us Into a Consumer Juggernaut

Toys'R'Us, which just filed for bankruptcy, was once essential to the fortunes of the toy industry. But the secret to its rise was that it sold a whole lot of electronics—whether cheap gadgets, hot toys, or (of course) video games.
Ernie Smith

Mexican National Player Miguel Layún Walks Out of Portugal Toys"R"Us, Offended by Border Wall Decoration

The Mexican national team player walked out after spotting the wall, set up with signs designating "USA" and "Mexico"—a clear nod to Trump's proposed infamous border wall.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Toys R Us charged different prices for white and 'ethnic' dolls, but says it was an accident

At least three stores in Canada sold the "You & Me Kissing Baby Doll" at different price points. Toys R Us has come under fire in the past for pricing disparities between dolls of different races in the UK, and on its American online store.
Davide Mastracci
New York

Welcome to The Dinner Bell

Remember the contest that Toys R Us hosted in the 80s where you raced against the clock, grabbing every toy in sight, dashing up and down the store's aisles with an overburdened cart and trying not to lose bowel control? That is basically me when let...
Julia Ziegler-Haynes