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Canadians Are Worried About NSA Spying But Don’t Understand How It Happens

Canucks need to know the risks.
Jordan Pearson
Tracking Trump's Congress

Trump Isn't Living Up to His Big Promises on Trade

The president pledged to clamp down on what he said were unfair practices from China, but he hasn't actually done much.
Mark Hay

American Farmers Fear Trump’s Trade Policies Could Hurt Their Industries

Trump touted an “America First” policy that seeks to bring foreign jobs to US soil, but the protectionist policy won’t help American farmers, the world’s most efficient, who are eager to send their produce around the globe.
Wyatt Marshall
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump Just Took the US Out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

In one of a trio of executive orders he signed Monday, Donald Trump followed through on a campaign promise.
Lauren Messman

TPP Is Dead, but It Was Never Going to Be That Big a Deal

One of Donald Trump's favorite punching bags, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, is as good as killed. So what was it, anyway?
Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Is Dead, and That's Good for Internet Freedom

US lawmakers from both parties rejected the 12-country deal, including every leading presidential candidate.
Evan Greer

Time Is Running Out for Obama to Pass the TPP Before Trump is President

Trump puts the controversial trade deal at risk, so lawmakers are scrambling.
Jordan Pearson
Donald Trump

What a Trump Presidency Means For Science

We don't know a lot about our future president's plans for health, climate or the internet. But here's what's at stake so far.
Ankita Rao
Donald Trump

Trump vs. Clinton: Who's Better On Telecom?

A Motherboard report card.
Sam Gustin

How the TPP Could Stifle the Discovery of New Drugs

There’s been a lot of talk about how the trade deal could affect drug prices, but it could also hinder new discoveries.
Kaleigh Rogers
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Donald Trump Is an Incoherent Leftist When It Comes to Free Trade

The Republican candidate's big economy speech showed just how strange his ideas are—and how he could enrage the GOP if he ever followed through on them.
Harry Cheadle

The Internet-Transforming, Environment-Destroying TPP Has Been Signed

The controversial trade deal continues to rumble on.
Jordan Pearson