How Amazon Helped Cops Set Up a Package Theft Sting Operation

Internal documents obtained by Motherboard detail the planning of an anti-package theft operation that used fake Amazon boxes rigged with GPS location trackers.
Caroline Haskins
electric spy

Your Smart Electricity Meter Can Easily Spy On You, Court Ruling Warns

Modern meters can track not only when you’re not home, but what you’re up to when you're there.
Karl Bode
Video Games

Game Developers Dump 'Redshell' Tracking Program After Privacy Backlash

Developers of games like Total War and Civilization are apologizing and removing the software from their games.
Ian Birnbaum
trickle down

Cops Can Find the Location of Any Phone in the Country in Seconds, and a Senator Wants to Know Why

Here are the letters Senator Ron Wyden sent to mobile carriers and the FCC demanding answers and action on the recently highlighted law enforcement service to easily track phones across the country.
Joseph Cox
you're being followed

Nearly Half of the Most Popular Websites Use the Same Software to Track You Around the Internet

Third-party tracking software is increasingly controlled by only a handful of companies.
Louise Matsakis
right to privacy

Scientists Are Debating Whether Animals Have a Right to Privacy

A growing number of scientists are deliberately concealing tracking data to protect their location.
Sarah Hewitt

This Scary Smart Collar Will Slowly Take Over Your Life

A Hong Kong art collective is making people think twice about society's obsession with wearables.
Maya-Roisin Slater
Do Not Track Me

Visiting Random Sites to Confuse Trackers Won’t Protect Your Privacy

Obfuscation won’t likely stop marketers from figuring out your browsing habits.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

I Tracked Myself With $170 Smartphone Spyware that Anyone Can Buy

For a relatively small fee, you can snoop on someone’s messages, call logs, photos, and location from across the planet.
Joseph Cox

This Popular Anime Selfies App Is ‘Crapware’ That Collects Private Data

Meitu says it’s using the data to improve performance, but security experts have raised some red flags.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Soon WiFi Will Be Able To Tell Not Just Where You Are, But If You're Breathing

New experiments demonstrate indoor WiFi positioning down to a single centimeter.
Michael Byrne

Scientists Teamed Up With Microsoft to Make Wolverine-Luring Skunk Bombs

Wolverines may be critically threatened in the American Northwest.
Niki Wilson