trade deadline

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Accomplished the Impossible at the Trade Deadline

The Cavaliers have been a mess all year long, but a complicated string of key trades may lead them back to a fourth-straight NBA Finals, and convince LeBron James to stay put for the long haul.
Michael Pina
bojan bogdanovic

The Wizards Trade For Bojan Bogdanovic Was a Quietly Brilliant Move

Bogdanovic fits in perfectly with the rest of the Wizards roster, and it shows.
John Hugar

The Colorado Avalanche Should Trade Matt Duchene Prior to the Deadline

This NHL season represents a rarely seen seller's market, and Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic needs to take advantage of it.
Dave Lozo

Biscuits Hockey Podcast Episode 14: CLAUDE REIGNS

Sean and Dave talk about why the Bruins waited so long to fire Julien, the NHL's concussion problem, which teams should relocate, then and place bets on various trade deadline odds Sean made up. ​​
VICE Sports
Will Smith

The Brewers Fulfilled The Promise of Deadline Intrigue—Next Comes the Winning Part

Milwaukee went into the trade deadline as a team to watch. They came out as a team to fear—just not yet.
R.J. Anderson

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back for the Dodgers

The Dodgers added Josh Reddick and Rich Hill at the trade deadline, but the move was overshadowed by their mishandling of Yasiel Puig.
Eric Nusbaum

An Extremely Scientific Look at the Winners and Losers of the 2016 MLB Trade Deadline

Grading the winners and losers of the MLB trade deadline.
Dave Brown

Twins Scoreboard Was Announcing Trades That Hadn't Actually Happened

Don't believe everything you read during the trade deadline—even stuff you see at stadium scoreboards.
Dave Brown

Once Again Nats Hoarding Prospects at the Possible Cost of a Championship

The Nationals need a closer because Jonathan Papelbon is having the worst season of his career. But Washington doesn't want to give up any prospects to get one.
Mike Vorkunov

How Traded Players Reconfigure Their Lives at a Moment's Notice

In Major League Baseball, the responsibility for resettling newly acquired players falls on the shoulders of travel directors, player agents, spouses, and short-term housing companies.
Oliver Lee Bateman

Blue Jays Acquire Melvin Upton Jr. From the Padres

Three years ago, Melvin Upton was one of the worst players in baseball. Now, he's an important acquisition for a playoff contending team.
Joseph Flynn

The Milwaukee Brewers—Yes, the Brewers—Hold All the Cards at the Trade Deadline

The Brewers may be way under .500. But when it comes to the trade deadline, no team is more interesting.
R.J. Anderson