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Ambulances Were Called to Amazon Warehouses 600 Times in Three Years

New data obtained by VICE shows the shocking frequency of emergency medical calls made by Amazon workers in the UK.
Mark Wilding
workers rights

Working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Can Be an Exploitive Nightmare

Edinburgh's festival workers are fighting for their rights.
Eve Livingston

How Immigrants Are Leading the Fight for British Workers' Rights and Pay

Some of the defining workers' struggles of recent times have been fought by migrants.
Simon Childs

California Is on the Verge of Becoming the First State to Have a $15 Minimum Wage

A deal reached over the weekend between labor groups and California legislators to gradually reach that goal by 2022 puts the state at the forefront of a national debate over the issue, and could set a precedent for other states to consider.
Tess Owen

Do Young Workers Need Unions?

Many young people don't know much about unions, or look at them as antiquated relics, but they could provide a path to making work suck less.
Gabriel Bristow

The Postal Workers Union Just Endorsed Bernie Sanders — and It's a Big Deal

The endorsement, which comes just two days ahead of the second Democratic primary debate, shows that the Vermont senator's effort to challenge Hillary Clinton from the left on labor issues is gaining traction.
Liz Fields

Reasons Why the Nuclear Destruction of Life on Earth Is Good for the British Economy

The fiery death of humanity could eliminate the deficit crisis and be a boon to British workers.
Sam Kriss

Racism, Fairness, Corruption: a Look at Australia’s Free Trade Agreement with China

Organised labour, the Government, and corporations all stand to lose or gain, and all are asking heavy, insinuating questions. Let's go through them one at a time.
Girard Dorney

Ferry Workers on Scotland's West Coast Went on Strike to Stop Privatization

They're worried about their jobs if CalMac is bought out. The case poses tricky questions for the Scottish National Party's relationship with trade unions.
Liam Turbett

The World's Most Visited Fashion Site Accused of 'Modern Sweatshop' Conditions

ASOS has a warehouse in South Yorkshire, England. Workers there told VICE News that bullying is rife, safety rules are ignored, and managers refuse to allow unions access.
Helen Clifton

Blacklisting: The Secret War Big Business Wages on Workers

I spoke to the authors of a new book about the blacklists kept by bosses in the UK to make sure that employees who complain can never work again.
James Poulter

Furious Cleaners Held a 'Noise Protest' at the BAFTAs Last Night

They brought red flags to the red carpet because they want sick pay, holiday pay, and overtime.
Simon Childs