Erik Karlsson Has Finally Escaped Hell

The dysfunctional Ottawa Senators dealt their star defenceman to the San Jose Sharks, putting an end to months of trade speculation.
Kyle Cantlon
just another day

Hackers Jacked Up the Value of an Obscure Cryptocurrency By Trading Other People's Money

Binance says it wasn't compromised, and phishing attacks are to blame for the irregular trades.
Jordan Pearson

Washington CB Kendall Fuller Was Last to Know He Was Part of Alex Smith Trade

In three tweets the Washington cornerback experienced uncertainty, relief, and a big ol' well, shit, how do ya like that.
Sean Newell

It's Time for the Rays to Trade Chris Archer

Archer is the heir to David Price and James Shields in Tampa, but unlike his predecessors, the 28-year-old starter won't have a competitive Rays team around him.
Rian Watt
lebron james

LeBron On Report of Melo-for-Love Trade: "It's Trash, and the Guy Who Wrote it is Trash Too"

LeBron did not hold anything back in disputing Frank Isola's report that he was pushing the Cavs to trade Kevin love for Carmelo Anthony.
Joseph Flynn

Know Thyself: How Self-Assessment by Teams Fires The MLB Hot Stove

For a front office on the verge of making a move, sometimes the biggest risk is uncertainty about how good—or bad—their team already is.
Rian Watt
down goes brown

Down Goes Brown Grab Bag: More Kids, Coddling Superstars, and Fun Trades

Another kid wins a star, how to make trades more fun, and brawling Santas highlight this week's grab bag.
Sean McIndoe
Elena Delle Donne

Chicago Sky Owner Calls Elena Delle Donne Trade a "Strong Possibility"

Owner Michael Alter seems willing to trade his superstar, if the price is right.
Howard Megdal
Country music

'You Better Enjoy This:' P.K. Subban Embraces Nashville

As he settles into a new city and onto a new team, PK Subban doubles down on the things that brought him to the NHL in the first place: hard work and a big personality.
Tal Pinchevsky

Jamie Collins Got Traded And Nobody's Sure What To Think

The Browns may have just done something very smart.
Mike Piellucci
Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers Traded Good Vibes for a Good(ish) Bat off the Bench

In trading Carlos Ruiz for A.J. Ellis, the Phillies and Dodgers swapped back-up catchers and local favorites.
Robert O'Connell
Will Smith

The Brewers Fulfilled The Promise of Deadline Intrigue—Next Comes the Winning Part

Milwaukee went into the trade deadline as a team to watch. They came out as a team to fear—just not yet.
R.J. Anderson