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4 hours ago

A 9-Year-Old Was Charged With ‘Homicide’ and 'Arson.' The Judge Had to Explain Those Words to Him.

“What don’t you understand?” the judge asked the boy.


Watch the Trailer for Timothée Chalamet's 'Beautiful Boy' and Try Not to Cry

The actor plays a meth-addicted son whose dad, played by Steve Carell, is fighting to save his life.


The Trailer for Spike Lee and Jordan Peele's 'BlacKkKlansman' Is Incredible

Their movie about a black cop infiltrating the KKK hits theaters this summer.


Watch the Moment Han First Meets Chewie in the New 'Solo' Trailer

Apparently he's always been able to understand those weird Wookie roars.


Trump Will Hate This Movie About Jason Statham Fighting a Big-Ass Shark

Jason Statham is big, but this shark is bigger.


The New 'Ready Player One' Trailer Is a Pop-Culture Onslaught

The trailer has Battletoads, Gundams, Lara Croft, Chuckie dolls, and a plot in there, somewhere.


Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks Team Up Against Nixon in 'The Post' Trailer

Check out the first trailer for Steven Spielberg's upcoming film that follows the 'Washington Post' in the wake of the Pentagon Papers.


Gay Talese's Controversial Book Falls Apart in the Trailer for 'Voyeur'

The new documentary digs into the writer's relationship with a hotel owner who claims to have spied on his guests for decades.


The New 'Disaster Artist' Trailer Is Honestly Pretty Sad

The new footage sheds light on the heavier story behind the making of Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room.'


Alia Shawkat Buries a Body in the Season Two Trailer for 'Search Party'

Michael Showalter's mystery-comedy series about a gang of hip amateur detectives returns to TBS November 19.


James Franco Goes Full Tommy Wiseau in the New 'Disaster Artist' Trailer

Franco's movie about the making of 'The Room' hits theaters in December.


Margaret Atwood's Psychological Prison Thriller Is Coming to Netflix

'Alias Grace' follows a convicted killer's experience in a women's prison and her struggle to unlock the memories that could prove her innocence.