Trailer Park Boys


Mike Smith of 'Trailer Park Boys' accused of sexual assault

A VICE News investigation found a woman reported Smith to police in 2005. Smith denies the allegations and no charges were filed.


The Trailer Park Boys Will Soon Be Selling Legal Weed

It doesn't take rocket appliances to know that it's probably a good move.


How the World Caught Up to 'Trailer Park Boys'

It predated the mockumentary style of 'The Office' and meta-commentary of 'Community' and brought to the small screen, with an uncommon variety of dignity, a social class that usually exists there only to be mocked.


​Domestic Battery Charge Against 'Trailer Park Boys' Bubbles Actor Dropped

Mike Smith was arrested in LA last month and his co-star Lucy DeCoutere quit as a result of the incident.


Lucy DeCoutere Quits 'Trailer Park Boys' as Bubbles Actor Charged with Battery

She tweeted: "If I find out that somebody is abusive, I cut them out of my life."


The Government Is Funding the Next Season of the Classic Canadian Comedy 'Trailer Park Boys'

After Sunnyvale's finest threatened to leave the province following cuts to tax credits, the Nova Scotia government has responded by funding a new series.


A Witness at Jian Ghomeshi's Trial Painted Him as a Violent Egomaniac

'Trailer Park Boys' actress Lucy DeCoutere said the former CBC host choked her and slapped her during one of their first meetings.


The Trailer Park Boys Talk Pot, Kittens, and Their Show's Ninth Season

The new season of Trailer Park Boys kicks off tomorrow, so I linked up with the dope-slanging Canadians to talk about everything from weed legalization to their deal with Netflix.


An Oral History of 'Street Cents': The Best Kids' Show in Canadian TV History

Street Cents spent 17 years on the air, but those early, weird years endeared the show to Canadian youth. Several of the show's architects and principal characters share what it was like at the time.


Hosers Are Back

Bob and Doug MacKenzie were fuckin' awesome, eh?