Fighting Words

Trainers Need to Start Learning How to Work With Differently Abled People

Trainers and gyms are failing disabled people in a lot of ways. Does changing this pattern mean changing an entire culture of ableism?
Mark Hay
cutest job in the world

Training Husky Puppies to Become Alaskan Sled Dogs

Husky Homestead trainer Ellen King might have the cutest job in the world.
VICE Staff

We Asked Personal Trainers the Worst Thing They’ve Seen at the Gym

Pizza on the treadmill ain’t a good look.
Graham Isador
The yes man

I Worked Out Like a Celebrity Prepping For a Nude Scene

"By the end of week two, there was no denying that some serious changes were taking plac​e."
Grant Stoddard

Nick Blackwell’s Trainer Has Boxing Licence Revoked for Coma-Inducing Sparring Session

The British Boxing Board of Control say “it’s not in the interests or welfare of boxing” for Liam Wilkins to hold a trainers licence.
Jake Hughes

12 Years at Tiger: Insights from the Head Trainer of Thailand's Biggest Gym

When Phet first signed on to be a trainer at a tiny new gym with only a handful of students, he never expected it would explode into the mega-gym it is today.
Lindsey Newhall
daily vice

We Meet an Ex-Con Who Created a Fitness Program Based on Prison Workouts on Today's 'Daily VICE'

After spending five years in prison on drug charges, Coss Marte decided to open his own gym in Manhattan based on the workouts he learned inside.
VICE Staff

Renowned Ghanaian Boxing Trainer Passes Away at 56

We bid farewell to Godwin Nii Dzanie, trainer of fighters like Joshua Clottey, Joseph Agbeko and Azumah Nelson.
Nick Wong

Dude, You Camped Out to Buy Kanye West's Sneakers? Why?

Meeting some guys who love shoes more than I love anything.
Joshua Haddow