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Here’s What Every Item of Clothing You Wear Says About You

Clothes are a great way to bring out your personality. But what if you have the personality of a boring pervert?
Joel Golby

Meet Carlon Colker, the Personal Health Guru Behind Kristaps Porzingis

The Knicks unicorn has entrusted his health and well-being to a buff, celebrity-whispering doctor who has a religious fervor for the squat rack.
Robert Silverman
product design

Vintage Italian Product Design is Immortalized as Fly Sneakers

Gianluca Gimini’s mission to preserve old Italian product design has lead him to the sneaker game.
Andrew Nunes

The Streetwear Fans Who Spend Decades Searching for Their One 'Grail' Item

Welcome to the ruthlessly dedicated world of "grails" and the people who spend years of their lives—and lots of money—tracking down almost mythical items of clothing.
Louise Donovan
The VICE Guide to Right Now

SeaWorld Is Laying Off Hundreds of Employees

The job cuts are aimed to save the company a bit of cash and help improve conditions for the animals and their handlers, apparently.
Lauren Messman

These Guys Pair Cocktails with Your Sneakers

“The Air Max 90 Neon is one of the most versatile trainers,” says Chris Amey from French vodka brand Sauvelle, who have partnered with a sportswear company to make trainer-themed cocktails. “You can have it made up how you want it. It’s the same with a...
Johanna Derry

Meeting the Guys Who Still Love Greyhound Racing

Australia's live baiting scandal almost brought greyhound racing to its knees. We went to Sandown Park to meet some remaining fans and hear why they've stuck by it.
Max Rann

UK Deployment of 75 Military Advisers to Ukraine Raises Concerns over Mission Creep

Britain says it is considering requests for further 'non-lethal' support to Ukraine but will not send combat troops. Analysts say the move could further strain the recent ceasefire deal.
Jenna Corderoy
The Fashion Issue 2010

Night Owls

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