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Lush's Trans Rights Campaign: Real Progress or Skin-Deep?

The cosmetics company recently launched the most public corporate campaign to increase awareness of trans issues.
Katelyn Burns
Rise Up

Why the Courts Are the Last Protection Against the Trump Administration's Attacks on Transgender Rights

The National Center for Transgender Equality is looking to the judicial branch to fight between the headlines to protect the legal rights of all Americans.
Madeline Moitozo
Noisey Hitlist

The Spook School Aren't Scared of the Intimacy of Being Sincere

The Glasgow four-piece's sparkling brand of empowering indie-pop might just save us all.
Lauren O'Neill
Broadly Specials

Inside Danica Roem's Historic Victory

VICE talked with Roem the night she became the first openly transgender person to be elected and seated to a state legislature.
VICE Staff
the vice reader

The Beauty and Terror of Passing as a Woman

Transitioning from male to female was empowering—but the harassment that followed taught me new things about power and womanhood.
Gabrielle Bellot
Impact Equality

The Gratifying Challenges of Mothering a Trans Child

"Mothers don’t have the luxury of staying confused."
Karen Dolan

There’s a Long Fight Ahead for Transgender Equality

But the battles are being won.
Jay Wu
Call To Action

Call to Action: Support Casa Ruby

There's no place like home.
Impact Staff

Youth, Interrupted: The Heartbreaking, Hidden Lives of Transgender Teens

After meeting with transgender teens across America, I saw how anti-transgender "bathroom bills" have tragically disrupted an entire generation.
Diana Tourjée
Call To Action

Support Trans Student Rights

The time is now to stand up for trans students. Here's how you can help the National Center for Transgender Equality in protecting the rights of young people across the country.
Impact Staff

Voter ID Laws May Prevent 34,000 Trans People From Voting on Tuesday

Voter suppression has historically targeted poor African American communities, but these vile laws also block transgender people from exercising their constitutional rights.
Diana Tourjée

How Coming Out as Trans Affects a Relationship

Four months ago, while on vacation, Anja returned to her room to find her boyfriend, Tim, trying on her underwear. "Would you still be together with me if I were a girl?" he asked.
Sofia Faltenbacher