trans murders


The Killing of Trans Women Is Inseparable from Black Lives Matter

We know of 12 trans people murdered this year. All of them have been Black women.
Diana Tourjée
trans murders

Denali Stuckey Is the 12th Trans Woman of Color Killed in the U.S. This Year

Only 42 percent of investigations into the murders of trans people result in an arrest
Trone Dowd

How Two Trans Salvadoran Migrants Found Peace in Tijuana

If you're trans and escaping one of the deadliest countries in the world, where do you go?
Amanda Ottaway

In Historic First, Killer of Trans Woman Pleads Guilty to Hate Crime

This week, Joshua Vallum pleaded guilty to brutally murdering a 17-year-old trans woman because of her gender identity. This is the first time someone has been prosecuted under hate crime laws for violence against a trans person—but some advocates...
Diana Tourjée
TDOR 2016

'She Is Already Dead, Why Do You Care': The Systems Putting Trans Lives at Risk

Nearly 300 trans and gender-diverse people were reported murdered in the last year, according to Transgender Europe's Trans Murder Monitoring project—and migrant trans people who are involved in sex work are particularly at risk.
Amanda Arnold

Man Pleads Guilty to Brutal Killing of 21-Year-Old Trans Woman

In 2013, James Dixon fatally beat Islan Nettles, a young trans woman of color, in Harlem. Yesterday he accepted a plea deal, confessing to the slaying—and may serve just 12 years in prison.
Diana Tourjée

Why Do Men Kill Trans Women? Gender Theorist Judith Butler Explains

In an exclusive interview with Broadly, the beloved philosopher and author of "Gender Trouble" discusses extreme violence against transgender women in 2015.
Diana Tourjée